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39 studio is a brand originated in Dubai.

39 studio is an up and coming high-end brand that originated in Dubai. The brand is bringing the world new Eastern innovative designs with peak quality that can match the biggest design houses in the industry.

39 studio is a combination of representations, but mainly the digit 9 is the core of the studio and 30 represents things on a daily basis.

Bringing the latest technology in fashion to the workshop was an integral part in achieving the final result of high-quality products with elegant designs. The fabrics and materials have been sourced from countries that are staples in the fashion industry, including France, Italy, and Japan.

39 studio aims to indulge the Arabian plate alongside presenting the creative and innovative Arabic design to the international fashion industry.

Implements innovation and creativity in upgrading the traditional Abayas and Jalabiyas with the support of signature capes and caftans, designed for occasional wear. Another favorite for customers is the highly demanded Prêt-à-Porter collection, which is ideal for the fashion savvy jet-setters and women on the go.


The Essence of the Abaya

An elegant yet simplistic piece of clothing, the abaya defines history, culture, and tradition.

The abaya, predominantly paraded in the GCC, is also a religious symbol, which has been modernized into a stylish and modest piece.

Nowadays, abayas are not just for religion, but they function as fashion statements that develop their social independence. By increased popularity of wearing the most glamorous and fabulous work of art, which consists of intricate design details and decent fabric materials, the abaya has become a success story in its niche market.

From the standard black fabric, the abaya has definitely come a long way. Abayas can now be found in a variety of colors, from somber grays to pastel pink hues, the color variations are endless. The fabrics have been modernized as well, alongside the embellishments. From Swarovski crystals, to hand drawn paintings, the choices when picking a new abaya are endless.

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