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What distinguishes abayas for special events such as weddings and ceremonial meetings are similar and similar details of the evening dresses in the form of abaya .

The 39Studio brand from the UAE offers an elegant and distinctive look for event scenes with luxurious luxury details .

Evening gowns are adorned with fine brassieres, three-dimensional decorative motifs of delicate roses and shrubs, and scattered decorations covering some designs in random patterns .

Abayas styles vary from style to unmatched luxury, with high collar collars, and in other designs the stitching comes in multiple and asymmetrical styles that give your abaya movement a bit of luxury and appeal .

Take a look at this featured collection in the photo album .

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The Harmony of Architecture Fashion

Architecture and fashion are considered a form of art. A form of self-expression that results in art being etched in our daily lives, as a reflection of our personal or cultural identity. They have a great deal in common, which is rather surprising, given the apparent variances

Fashion designers collaborate frequently with architects or interior designers in designing retail interiors or co-creating couture hotels, such as Palazzo Versace or Armani Hotel. The reason behind the link between architecture and fashion is that they both have the same concerns and objectives whether in materials, colors, volume and function.

Fashion can be as proportional, tailored and structured as a building. When designing an abaya you think of style, material, and colors. The same thought pattern is followed when designing a structure. Architecture is about the experience of the space and how functional and comfortable it is. In fashion, we always focus on how to make the best experience for our clients when wearing our abayas. It is about how comfortable you feel, how the fabric is smooth and easy to wear.

In terms of material, fashion designers can be inspired by architects, which sometimes leads them to incorporate abstracts of building elements into their designs. Fashion is in a constant whirlwind of change, and so is architecture. Architecture is in a continuous process of progression with the help of innovative materials or modern designs. Fashion can often be passing and superficial, and uses soft, fluid materials; whereas architecture is considered Monumental and permanent, and uses strong and rigid materials. The marriage of the materials results in outstanding pieces in both the worlds.

“Fashion is Architecture; it is a matter of proportions” – Coco Chanel


The Essence of the Abaya

An elegant yet simplistic piece of clothing, the abaya defines history, culture, and tradition.

The abaya, predominantly paraded in the GCC, is also a religious symbol, which has been modernized into a stylish and modest piece.

Nowadays, abayas are not just for religion, but they function as fashion statements that develop their social independence. By increased popularity of wearing the most glamorous and fabulous work of art, which consists of intricate design details and decent fabric materials, the abaya has become a success story in its niche market.

From the standard black fabric, the abaya has definitely come a long way. Abayas can now be found in a variety of colors, from somber grays to pastel pink hues, the color variations are endless. The fabrics have been modernized as well, alongside the embellishments. From Swarovski crystals, to hand drawn paintings, the choices when picking a new abaya are endless.

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